Registration Status

You may use this form to check your voter registration status in Yolo County.

Note that we're now asking for a full birth date in MO/DY/YEAR (##/##/####) format.

And, either the last-four digits of your Driver's License or the last-four digits of your Social-Security Number: We recommend you try your driver's license number first. Try your SSN if that fails.

 We do not have driver's license or social security number records for all voters. If you have searched and failed to find your record, please contact us and we can look up your record.  Please enter all 8-digits when searching for your date of birth.

For example: Enter 01/01/1970 instead of 1/1/1970. 

Also, please check your Registration Status. This search tool includes Active registered voters. If your status is different than you expected, please contact us.

As an alternative, you can also check your voter registration status on the California Secretary of State's website here: