Jury Duty

Did you receive more than one jury summons from the same court this year?

Names of potential jurors are randomly selected from the list of citizens from the Department of Motor Vehicles and from the voter registration rolls. Receiving multiple jury summons from the same court within the same year usually means your information from the DMV did not match the voter registration information you provided.

One way to be sure the same court doesn't call you to service more than once a year is to match the name and address on your California Driver's License or California Identification Card with your voter registration record exactly. To update your voter registration go to the Secretary of State's Online Voter Registration Website or pick up a paper voter registration form at one of the locations listed here.

For more information about jury service or if you need to be removed from the jury pool due to not being eligible, please see Yolo County Superior Court Jury Services and/or the Federal District Court Jury Services.