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By going to the right polling place, you'll get the ballot that's right for where you live.

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Returning Your Voted Mail Ballot

Make your vote count! Return your ballot on time, and don't forget to sign the envelope.

Return your ballot in the Vote By Mail envelope you received with your ballot. Under the secrecy flap are spaces you must sign and date and enter your residence address.


If you are returning your ballot before Election Day


By Mail:

Your VBM enevelope must be postmarked on or before Election Day

In Person:

The Election Office is open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. every business day.


Returning your Ballot on Election Day

To any polling place in Yolo County:

Polling places are open from 7 A.M to 8 P.M.

To the Elections Office:

On Election Day we are open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M.

How Vote-By-Mail Ballots Are Counted

We welcome and encourage members of the public to visit our office and observe how we process and count ballots.

Vote-by-mail ballots are counted in the same way as other ballots; only the advance processing is different.

When VBMs arrive in the Elections Office the signature on each envelope is checked to make sure that the person who signed the envelope is the same person who is registered. After the signatures are verified, the ballots (still in their envelopes) are sorted by precinct and stored until processing begins.

Ten business days before Election Day, we begin processing the VBMs. The ballots are removed from their envelopes and placed in precinct-specific bags ready for scanning.

The first vote counts that are announced on election night are the VBM ballots that were processed and scanned the week before Election Day.

Vote-by-mail ballots returned to polling places are not included in the election night results because they must processed before they can be scanned and counted. Before we process these ballots, we first verify that the voters who submitted them did not also vote at a polling place in Yolo County.

These votes are tallied and the totals reported when everything has been checked. This process is usually finished several weeks after the election.

Voting by Mail

Applying for a Vote-By-Mail Ballot

Any registered voter may request a vote-by-mail ballot for any election. To apply for a one-time VBM ballot you can:

  • Fill out and send in the vote-by-mail ballot application printed on the back page of your Sample Ballot. The sample ballot is mailed to each registered voter approximately 40 days before each election. Remember to sign the application.
  • Write to us at Yolo County Elections, PO Box 1820, Woodland, CA 95776. You must include the name and date of the election for which you are applying. Print your name, your residence address, and the address to which you would like the ballot mailed. Be sure to provide your signature. If you also include a telephone number where you can be reached during normal business hours, we can call you if we have any questions.
  • Fax your request to us at 530-666-8123. Please make sure that all the information above is included in your faxed request.
  • Apply in person at the Yolo County Elections Office at 625 Court Street, Room B-05, Woodland, between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday.
  • Use the federal application if you are overseas or serving in the military
  • Use an application provided by some campaigns. (Because these usually take more time to reach us, your ballot may not arrive as fast as if you apply to us directly.)


We will issue your vote-by-mail ballot on the same day we receive your request. Note: The first day we can issue a vote-by-mail ballot is 29 days before an election and the last day we can accept applications by mail or fax is 7 days before an election.

To apply for permanent vote-by-mail status, request an application or visit our office.

Permanent vote-by-mail status

If you want to vote by mail in every election, request 'permanent' VBM status

How to sign up

When you register to vote, indicate that you want a VBM ballot in all elections

Or, ask the Elections Office for a Permanent VBM Ballot Application and return it with your signature

It's not really permanent!

You can revoke your permanent VBM status at any time if you want to resume voting at your polling place. We need your signature to comply with your instruction to revoke your permanent VBM status.

Polling Places

The polls are open from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. on Election Day

What you'll find at any polling place in Yolo County

Friendly, trained poll workers who are ready to help

A sealed ballot box where you can deposit your vote-by-mail ballot (No need to wait on line; just go directly to the ballot box!)

Registration cards if you need to re-register for the next election

Accommodations for voters with disabilities

Voting booths

Paper ballots

Provisional voting

What you'll find at your own polling place

The ballot that's right for you

A map of all the precincts in your community

Sample ballots and other informational materials that match your ballot

What you cannot do at any Yolo County polling place

Use your phone inside the polling place (We preserve the secrecy of voters' ballots by banning the use of cell phones and other cameras)

Campaign or discuss your vote (The state ban on electioneering within 100 feet of any polling place also applies to apparel)

Register for the current election

Know a better location for a polling place?

We try to situate our polling places where they're easy to find and easy to use. Polling places should be convenient and comfortable for voters and poll workers alike.

If you can suggest a better location for one of our polling places, let us know.

Mail-Only Precincts

Some Yolo County voters are assigned to mail-only precincts.

There are some areas in rural Yolo County where the precincts are so large that most of the voters would have to drive long distances to reach a polling place.

Other precincts have very few registered voters and cannot be consolidated with neighboring precincts because of district boundary lines.

If you live in one of these precincts, you are in an all-mail precinct and will automatically receive a vote-by-mail ballot. You will also receive a list of polling places where you may drop off your voted ballot on Election Day if you do not wish to mail it.

Federal Post Card Application

For voters overseas or serving in the military

PDF document icon fpca.pdf — PDF document, 81 KB (83952 bytes)

Unsigned Ballot Envelope Statement Form

If you returned your Vote By Mail envelope without signing it you may fill out this form and send it to our office with your signature.

PDF document icon Unsigned Ballot Envelope Statement AB477.pdf — PDF document, 324 KB (332365 bytes)

Random Alphabets for June 5, 2018 Election

Random Alphabet Draw to determine appearance of candidates’ names on the ballot

In accordance with Elections Code section 13112(b)(1)(B), the Secretary of State and the Yolo County Elections office each conducted a drawing on March 15, 2018 of the letters of the alphabet to determine the randomized alphabet for the upcoming June 5, 2018 Election.  Listed below are the official results for the local and state alphabets that determine placement of candidates’ names on the ballot.
Local Random Alphabet Draw conducted at the Yolo County Elections office for: 
• State Senate*
• State Assembly*
1. Z 2. D 3. I 4. M 5. X
6. Y 7. G 8. P 9. Q 10. C
11. U 12. B 13. F 14. J 15. V
16. K 17. L 18. N 19. S 20. T
21. A 22. W 23. R 24. O 25. H
26. E
Secretary of State Random Alphabet Draw for:
• State Races other than State Senate and Assembly**
• US Senate and Congress**
• County offices*
• City Offices
1. P 2. J 3. B 4. L 5. K
6. V 7. Q 8. G 9. A 10. W
11. S 12. I 13. Z 14. C 15. R
16. F 17. Y 18. E 19. T 20. H
21. O 22. U 23. D 24. M 25. X
26. N
* To further ensure fairness in our election process, per Election Code 13111, the Yolo County Elections Office rotates the ballot order of candidates in county-wide, State Senate and Assembly contests by supervisorial district.
** To further ensure fairness in our election process, per Election Code 13111, the Yolo County Elections Office rotates the ballot order of candidates in State, US Senate and Congressional contests by Assembly district.  
County Supervisor and City contests use the State Alphabet and do not rotate.
Feel free to contact the Elections Office at (530) 666-8133 if you have any questions.