Vote-by-Mail Voting

What you need to know about Vote-by-Mail Voting

By California law, each registered voter will be mailed a ballot by their county election official. An individual request is not necessary. Voters may vote in person at a Vote Center and do not have to use the ballot mailed to them. Only active, eligible voters will be mailed a ballot.

Ballots are mailed no later than the 29th day prior to Election Day.

Voting by Mail in the Next Election

Information about the process, ballot tracking, remote accessible vote-by-mail, and more

How Vote-by-Mail Ballots are Counted

A step-by-step process including videos

Where's My Ballot?

Sign up to Track your Ballot with "BallotTrax"

Signature Verification Statement

Your form to "cure" a mismatched signature

Unsigned Ballot Statement

Your form to "cure" a missing signature

Application to Provide a Vote-by-Mail Ballot to a Representative

Your form to authorize someone to receive a ballot on your behalf.

Ballot Drop Boxes

List of places to return your voted ballot without mailing it

Get the Facts about Voting by Mail in Yolo County

From your trusted source - the Yolo County Elections Office

Voting Independently at Home

Use all the tools at your disposal for voting at home privately and independently