Yolo County Health Order and Elections Impact

In accordance with the Health Order, the Elections Office will be implementing and monitoring the "Personal Health & Safety Guidance" best practices included in the order. The cornerstones of this will be: wearing of face masks, practicing of social distance and adherence to good hygiene. All customers looking to transact business with the Elections Office are expected to present themselves wearing face masks as required in the Health Order and any other Personal Protective Equipment the customer feels is appropriate.

In the effort to promote and maintain effective social distancing, the Elections Office will be limiting the number of customer transactions occurring in the office at one time. Customers are asked to wait patiently in-line at predesignated locations and staff will assist them as quickly as possible. To shorten transactions and wait times, customers are encouraged to complete required documents online or via email: [email protected] or by telephone (530) 666-8133 when possible.  

If you have petitions to deliver, we encourage you to mail in petition paperwork or call the Elections Office at (530) 666-8133 to schedule an appointment.