March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election Information

March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election for Federal, State, County, and Local offices.

Election Services Appointment Scheduler

The Yolo County Elections Candidate Filing process has changed to in-person by appointment for election services such as voter file information, maps, and campaign finance filing. Appointments to obtain and file nomination papers and for filing campaign finance forms are recommended to ensure your forms are complete. Please ensure you meet your deadlines by referring to the Election Calendar.

Election Calendar

Election calendar with important dates and deadlines for the March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election.

See the Secretary of State website for more information about the federal and state elections at

Offices and Incumbents Up for Election

List of offices and incumbents up for election in the March 5, 2024, Presidential Primary Election.

Filing Fees, Signatures In-Lieu Offsets and Nomination Signature Requirements

Filing fees are calculated based on the annual salary of the office when the Signatures In-Lieu of Filing Fee period began on September 14, 2023. Candidates may obtain petition forms from county election officials for circulating petitions to secure Signatures In-Lieu to offset all or a portion of the filing fee. Valid signatures submitted on the optional signatures in-lieu petitions may also be applied to the nomination signature requirements for that office.

Candidate Filings

Coming Soon: Table of candidates who have obtained and/or filed their documents in their nomination packet.

Randomized Alphabet Drawing

Results of the state and county's Randomized Alphabet Drawing to determine order of candidates’ names on the ballot. The Secretary of State and Yolo County will conduct the random alphabet draw to determine the order of candidate names on the ballot. This drawing is held at 11:00 a.m. Thursday, December 14, 2023.