Measure W - Elkhorn Fire Protection District Special Election, March 3, 2015

Shall the Elkhorn Fire Protection District tax each acre within the District two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50), annually beginning fiscal year July 2015 and each year thereafter, with such revenues, together with any and all other revenues to be collected, retained and spent by the District to provide proper fire protection, emergency response and safety for the residents, property owners and businesses of the District including maintaining current staffing levels, maintaining fire protection and EMS vehicles and equipment, maintain stations, real property, facilities or equipment as necessary to ensure the safety of the community. Further, shall the District be authorized to implement annual inflation increases in the assessment rate based upon and limited by the increase in the Consumer Price Index over the prior year for the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area, all urban consumers. Yes ? No ?

Elkhorn Fire Protection District Special Election, March 3, 2015

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Final Official Results for the Elkhorn Fire Protection District Special Tax Election

March 3, 2015 

 Measure W 

YES  -  27    81.8%

NO    -  6      18.2%


Turnout: 33 of 80 Registered Voters - 41.25%

Results of this election as of 4:29 PM, March 6, 2015

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