Sample Ballot for November 4, 2014

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Easy Voter Guide: English, Spanish, Chinese

Information on: Justices of the Courts of Appeal, 3rd District

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Information on all local candidates and measures:

United States Representative, 3rd District

John Garamendi

Party Preference: Democratic

Dan Logue

Small Businessman/Assemblyman
Party Preference: Republican
United States Representative, 6th District

Joseph McCray Sr.

Retired Military Officer
Party Preference: Republican

Doris Matsui

Member of Congress
Party Preference: Democratic
State Senator, 6th District

Roger Dickinson

Member, California State Assembly
Party Preference: Democratic

Richard Pan

Party Preference: Democratic
Member of the State Assembly, 4th District

Bill Dodd

Napa County Supervisor/Businessman
Party Preference: Democratic

Charlie Schaupp

Retired Marine Officer
Party Preference: Republican
Member of the State Assembly, 7th District

Kevin McCarty

Councilmember/Preschool Advocate
Party Preference: Democratic

Steve Cohn

Sacramento City Councilmember
Party Preference: Democratic
Member, County Board of Education,Trustee Area 1

Xavier A. Gamez


Matt Taylor

Governing Board Member, Davis Joint Unified School District, Vote for 3

Madhavi Sunder

University Law Professor

Chuck Rairdan

Public Agency Administrator

Bob Poppenga

Veterinarian/University Educator

Michael Nolan


Jose J. Granda

Engineering Professor

Barbara Archer

Public Relations Manager

Thomas Adams

Education Administrator/Parent
Governing Board Member, Area 5, Esparto Unified School District

Bonnie Simas


Miguel Molina Jr.

Business Owner
Governing Board Member, Pierce Joint Unified School District, Vote for 2

Amy Charter


Eduardo Ayala

Farm Laborer/Parent

John R. Friel, Sr.

Governing Board Member, Washington Unified School District, Vote for 2

Joshua R. Alves

Parent/Education Volunteer

Norma Alcala

Parent/Education Director

Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez

Governing Board Member, Area 1, Woodland Joint Unified School District

Art Pimentel

Community College Dean

Tania Tafoya

Educator/Training Specialist
City of West Sacramento, Mayor

Narinder Pal Singh Hundal

Business Owner

Christopher L. Cabaldon

Mayor of West Sacramento
City of West Sacramento, Member of City Council, Vote for 2

Nancy Heth-Tran

Energy Specialist

Christopher T. Ledesma

West Sacramento Councilmember

Jeff Lyon

Retired Government Chief

Mark Johannessen

West Sacramento City Councilmember
Woodland Joint Unified School District

Measure S

Woodland Classroom Repair and Upgrade Measure. To upgrade classrooms, libraries, science and computer labs in Woodland schools with local funding the State cannot take away, shall Woodland Joint Unified School District repair roofs; update classroom computer technology; remove asbestos/hazardous materials; make schools accessible for students with disabilities; and replace boilers, plumbing; sewers and electrical systems by issuing $78 million in bonds at legal rates with independent oversight, mandatory audits and no money for administrator salaries/pensions/benefits? 

Measure T

Woodland Safe and Healthy Schools Measure. To support student health and safety by fixing cracked/potholed pavement; providing lunch/shade shelters for students; repairing/replacing school playgrounds/playfields/physical education facilities; and repairing/upgrading fencing/school security, shall Woodland Joint Unified School District issue $19 million in bonds at legal rates with independent oversight, mandatory audits, no money for administrator salaries/pensions/benefits and all funds benefiting Woodland schools?
City of Woodland

Measure U

Shall Ordinance No. 1561 adding article II of chapter 27 to the Woodland Municipal Code, related to Council elections, be adopted, establishing "by-district" elections whereby voters would elect Council members from among candidates who live in their respective district?
Washington Unified School District

Measure V

To protect quality education locally with funding that cannot be taken by the State, shall Washington Unified School District reconstruct, renovate and repair aging elementary school classrooms and other school facilities, remove dry rot/mold and replace leaking roofs/windows, make classrooms accessible for disabled students; and provide up-to-date classrooms, science/computer labs, career technology education facilities by issuing $49.8 million dollars in bonds at legal rates, with independent oversight, with no money for administrators and with all funds staying local?