Voter Guide for November 8, 2016

Presidential General Election


Measure F



Measure F, if approved by a majority of the voters voting
on the measure, will continue for twelve years a one-half
cent sales tax previously adopted by City of Woodland
voters in 2006 (Measure E). Unless the extension is
approved by the voters, the existing one-half cent sales
tax will sunset and expire on September 30, 2018. If
Measure F is adopted, it will extend the one-half cent
sales tax until December 30, 2030.
Measure F proposes to raise revenue for general City of
Woodland purposes by continuing the current one-half
cent sales tax within the City of Woodland. The current
one-half cent sales tax generates approximately $4.5
million annually to the City. The tax would be paid in
addition to current state and local sales taxes and would
continue to be collected at the same time and in the
same manner as the existing sales tax.
State law allows the City to levy a transaction and use (i.e.
a “sales”) tax at certain rates, including a 0.5 percent rate
f the tax is approved by a majority of the voters voting
on the measure. The City Council of the City of Woodland
voted on June 21, 2016 to place Measure F on the ballot.
Measure F would continue the existing sales tax, which is
used for city services, programs, and facilities. Measure
F would maintain the overall effective sales tax rate in
the City of Woodland at 8.25%. Because this tax would
continue to be a “general tax,” the City would be able to
use the tax proceeds for any legal governmental purpose
without restriction. The City would not be legally bound
n any way to use the tax monies for any special purpose
or for any particular program or service.
The City would continue to be required to annually
prepare a detailed report of income and expenditures of
sales tax revenues and to present the report to the public
and to publish it in local newspapers.

/s/ Kara K. Ueda
Woodland City Attorney
The above statement is an impartial analysis of
Ordinance 1599, Measure F. If you desire a copy of
the Ordinance or Measure, please call the elections
official's office at (530) 661-5806, and a copy will be
mailed at no cost to you.


A YES vote will reauthorize an EXISTING ½ cent sales
tax to continue to fund vital community needs including
street and road maintenance, parks facilities and capital
projects and public safety.
A YES vote on F will NOT result in any increase in taxes.
The ½ cent sales tax is already being collected, and
has been since 2000. Measure F will merely extend the
sunset of the existing ½ cent sales tax for an additional
12 years.
The continuation of the existing ½ cent sales tax will
allow the city to augment funding available for much
needed road repairs, and help pay-off the bonds used
to construct the Community and Senior Center. Measure
F will also continue to pay for ongoing maintenance and
repairs of facilities in our community and neighborhood
parks and at our public library, and will provide funding to
supplement public safety staffing and improve response
capabilities for police and fire calls for service.
Measure F will help the city sustain and expand services
without the need to increase taxes by enhancing our
investments in critical infrastructure and other programs
supporting economic development – resulting in new
jobs and increased revenues.
Woodlanders have a proud history of supporting our
community and a willingness to pay for what we need –
provided there is fiscal accountability. We will continue
to receive a detailed spending plan and an annual report
from the City on Measure F revenues collected and how
these funds are being spent.
A YES vote means that we are taking an active role in
protecting and improving our quality of life in Woodland.
Please join us in voting YES on Measure F.
/s/ Jim Hilliard, Mayor
/s/ Angel Barajas, Mayor Pro Tem
/s/ Tom Stallard, Council Member
/s/ Marlin H. Davies, Council Member
/s/ Sean Denny, Council Member




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