Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




State law requires all general law cities, like the City of Winters, to have a clerk and treasurer. The positions may be appointed or elected. In the City of Winters, the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer are elected by the City voters to a four year term. The term of the current City Clerk and City Treasurer ends in June 2018. Pursuant to state law, there are three qualifications for the positions of elected clerk and elected treasurer: 1) the individual must be a resident of the City, 2) the individual must be registered to vote in the City, and 3) the individual must be at least 18 years old. As an elected position, there are no minimum educational requirements or professional qualifications.

The City of Winters has placed a Measure on the ballot asking voters to decide whether these positions should be appointive. This Measure asks the following question:


Shall the offices of the city clerk and city treasurer for the City of Winters be appointive?

If a majority of voters vote yes on the above Measure, then the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer will become appointive offices and such offices will no longer be elected by the City voters. As appointive offices, the City Council would appoint a person to such offices at the expiration of the term of the officer now in office, which is June 2018, or upon a vacancy in either office. As appointive offices, the City Council may, by ordinance, vest in the City Manager its authority to appoint such officers. Otherwise, the appointed individuals will hold office at the pleasure of the City Council. As appointed officers, the City Clerk and City Treasurer would not be required to be City residents or electors but may be required to satisfy minimum educational or professional qualifications.

If this Measure is approved, the City could save on expenses associated with these positions, including, but not limited to, election costs every four years.

If a majority of voters do not approve the above Measure, the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer will continue to be elected. The candidates with the most votes will be elected City Clerk and City Treasurer for four year terms.

/s/ ETHAN WALSH City Attorney


A YES VOTE ON Measure G ensures that the selection of the City Clerk and City Treasurer positions for the City of Winters be based on qualifications and experience, not the results of a political campaign. Both positions are administrative in nature and mostly directed by statute and qualifications. The needs of the community have grown and the complexity of both positions has increased since the first City Clerk and City Treasurer took office over 120 years ago, yet the elected qualifications remain the same – eighteen years of age and registered voter in Winters.

Performing the duties of the city clerk requires increasingly levels of training and experience. Today, City Clerk responsibilities require skills and expertise in elections, political practices law, open meeting laws, records retention, conflict-of-interest regulations and contract practices. The Clerk must also have the ability to serve while always remaining neutral.

The complexities of California finance and government accounting and reporting has equally evolved the position of City Treasurer over time, requiring significant education and experience in the oversight of the City’s financial management.

The public expects and deserves that the duties of each of these positions be performed with professionalism and efficiency. This can best be accomplished by selecting a person to serve based on technical skills, education and relevant experience. This is why over seventy percent (70%) of California’s cities have an appointed City Clerk.

Having served as the City’s elected City Clerk since 1988, I support that the City Clerk and City Treasurer be appointed positions to insure that a professionally qualified and capable individual serve that role for the City of Winters.

Committed to quality local government and ask that you join me in voting YES on Measure G.

/s/ Nanci Mills