Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




A "yes" vote on this measure is a vote to permit the County to impose a general business tax on marijuana businesses at a rate between 1-15% of gross receipts.

A "no" vote on this measure is a vote not to permit the County to impose a general business tax on marijuana businesses at a rate between 1-15% of gross receipts.

The County of Yolo proposes a general tax on marijuana businesses in the unincorporated area of Yolo County. The marijuana business tax ordinance establishes a variable tax rate between 1-15% of gross receipts per fiscal year, with an initial rate for cultivation of 4% of gross receipts per fiscal year with an automatic increase to five% as of July 1, 2020, and an initial tax rate for all other commercial cannabis businesses of 5%, with subsequent adjustments of no more than two percentage points (up or down) in any 12 month period.

The ordinance creates a citizen’s oversight committee to review expenditures of tax revenues.

The tax is for general governmental purposes and revenue generated from the tax can be spent for criminal enforcement of illegal cultivation, early childhood intervention and prevention, youth development, substance abuse education and treatment for children and adults, rural infrastructure and programs and cannabis research and unrestricted general revenue purposes.

The tax applies to all medical and nonmedical cannabis businesses. Personal cultivation and personal use, as delineated in the ordinance, are exempt from the tax.

The Board of Supervisors placed the measure on the ballot.

This measure does not legalize or otherwise permit marijuana businesses in Yolo County.

The tax will continue until repealed by the Board of Supervisors or County voters.

/s/ Philip J. Pogledich

County Counsel, County of Yolo

The above statement is an impartial analysis of Measure K. If you desire a copy of the Measure, please call the Yolo County Elections at (530) 666-8133 or (800) 649-9943, and a copy will be mailed at no cost to you. The full text of the Measure may also be viewed online at: http://www.yoloelections. org/voting/sample-ballots.


Everyone agrees that businesses should pay their fair share for law enforcement, local roads and other critical public services. The marijuana industry shouldn’t be an exception.

That is why it is important to vote YES on Measure K.

Measure K ensures that marijuana businesses pay their fair share and are positive contributors to our county.

In 2016, voters statewide – including 60% of Yolo County voters – passed Proposition 64 to legalize the adult use of marijuana and authorize local governments to regulate marijuana businesses in their communities.

Placed on the ballot by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors, Measure K fulfills the will of local voters by properly regulating and appropriately taxing marijuana businesses in the unincorporated county.

Measure K is a fiscally responsible tax on marijuana businesses that will provide revenue for underfunded county services - from early childhood development and substance abuse treatment programs to rural infrastructure and law enforcement resources to address illegal marijuana activity.

The tax will only be paid by marijuana businesses in the unincorporated areas of Yolo County (outside the cities) – no one else.

Recognizing the importance of being positive contributors to our community, Measure K is supported by licensed marijuana businesses in the county.

Measure K protects taxpayers by creating a new Citizen’s Oversight Committee, which will annually review and publicly report how much marijuana business tax revenue is collected and how it is spent by the county.

Voters in dozens of California cities and counties have already approved similar marijuana business taxes and Yolo County should do so now to protect law enforcement, public health, rural roads and other vital county services.

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Please join us in voting YES on Measure K.

/s/ Oscar E. Villegas, Chairman Yolo County Board of Supervisors

/s/ Sarah Kirby-Gonzales, Trustee Washington Unified School District

/s/ Dr. Michael Wilkes, Chair Yolo County Health Council

/s/ Trini Campbell, Farmer & Yolo County Planning Commissioner

/s/ Michael Hicks, Co-Founder Yolo Cannabis Alliance