Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




I am a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel and member of a 5 generation Yolo County farming family.

My family has farmed near Esparto since the 1880’s and currently farms 3,500 acres. Additionally, as a veteran, I served 28 years including combat operations in The Battle of Fallujah-2004 and Operation Desert Storm-1991. I also received commendations for support of the Bosnia Peacekeeping effort in 1997 and from the Armed Forces of Japan for helping to prepare them for their first combat deployment since WWII in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom-2003.

As Lincoln stated in his Gettysburg Address -- We are a government “Of the people, by the people, and for the people”. In this spirit I pledge to work to reinstate confidence and accountability within our government. The theme of my campaign is ‘Restore Congress’. Restore by restoring ethics, pride, leadership, fiscal responsibility, honesty and work to get both sides of the aisle, both Democrats and Republicans, to stop the bitter infighting and work together to get things done!

I will always oppose irresponsible boondoggles like the foolhardy Delta Tunnels and will work to find ways for all hard-working law-abiding residents of the United States to have a pathway to citizenship.

I hold a Bachelor of Science from Chico State University in soil/water science and Associate of Science from Yuba College in agricultural business.

Additionally, I serve as the commander of VFW Post 7143 and as a director of the Esparto Community Services District. More online:

/s/ Charlie Schaupp