Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




Occupation: Undersheriff, Yolo County

We expect integrity and honesty of ourselves, our friends and our children. Every community member, and the women and men who dedicate their lives to the safety of others, should expect law enforcement leadership to be above reproach and beyond ethical question.

Right now our reputation is battered, community trust is damaged, and the department doesn’t reflect the values and commitment of our Deputies and staff. I’m dedicated to restoring trust, rebuilding community relationships, and ensuring integrity and ethics are demonstrated at the highest levels of leadership.

I promise to: 1) through example, set the highest standards for integrity and professionalism; 2) proactively recruit and retain a workforce that more accurately reflects the diverse communities we serve; 3) respectfully listen and encourage collaboration; 4) regularly evaluate our service and incorporate feedback; and 5) continue our commitment to protect every family in our community.

Over 38 years, I’ve served in every division in the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office, and held every rank. I have 25 years of command experience, including 11 years as the Yolo County Undersheriff and 10 years as a Volunteer Fire Chief.

Yolo County has an established commitment to ensure the safety and protection of every community member—an ethic I unequivocally commit to continuing. That alone, however, is not enough. Our Sheriff should be expected to set high standards for integrity, treat everyone with respect and set a level of professionalism that honors our community and our Deputies and staff.

We are no longer the wild west. It’s time for change and time for the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office to become a progressive, contemporary law enforcement agency.

I would be honored to have your vote for Yolo County Sheriff.

Integrity. Respect. Trust. Partnership.

/s/ Tom Lopez