Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




After serving as a public defender in Yolo County for eleven years, I am running for District Attorney because I can no longer tolerate the persistent injustice I have witnessed in our courtrooms under the current DA.

I have seen children face adult consequences for juvenile mistakes. I have seen racially biased gang injunctions victimize communities of color. I have seen a man, struggling with mental illness, face a 25-year sentence for petty theft.

Each of these stories is part of a pattern of discrimination and disproportionate response to minor offenses. Yolo County has the highest rate of jury trials in the state of California, we are consistently above the state average for the reported percentage of children in the criminal justice system, and since 2013, 93% of the children prosecuted as adults in our county have been Latino. Behind these numbers are families devastated, futures vanished, and resources squandered.

The current DA portrays himself as a reformer, yet the diversion programs he has implemented are superficial and limited in scope. Many of my clients have serious mental illness, yet rarely are they admitted into our Mental Health Court. Instead, their mental health deteriorates as they spend years in prison, or they are released without opportunity for treatment. Existing restorative justice programs deal mainly with trivial charges, rather than providing alternatives to incarceration.

As District Attorney, I will make our communities safer by investing in job training, education, and mental health and substance abuse treatment as alternatives to incarceration. I will face and address the racial biases in our local justice system, and refuse to use our resources to pursue a discriminatory federal immigration agenda or a failed drug war. I will prosecute with reason and principle, focusing on truly harmful crimes, such as violence and corruption.

I am honored to have the endorsements of former California Supreme Court Justice Cruz Reynoso, United Farm Workers co-founder Al Rojas, and numerous community leaders. I am a board member of the Yolo County ACLU and have been recognized by the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Finally, my breadth of legal experience—including work in prosecution, defense, and civil rights—gives me the perspective and knowledge needed to transform our justice system. Vote for me, and together we can create a justice system that reflects our values.

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/s/ Dean Johansson