Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




B.S., University of California, Davis- Biological Systems Engineering

University of the Pacific- Leadership Academy

Board of Equalization- Advanced Certified Property Tax Appraiser

Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers- Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser

I am proud to have served for over a decade in the Clerk- Recorder/Assessor’s Office for Yolo County and I currently serve as Senior Appraiser. I am the candidate with the skills and knowledge to be your next Clerk-Recorder/Assessor. I also offer more than 18 years experience in property valuation.

The upturn in the real estate market has changed the direction of the workload in the Assessor’s office. It was just a few years ago that our staff appraisers valued over 19,000 parcels in less than three months to ensure fair taxation in a declining market. Now with increasing real estate sales and booming new construction, the appraisal staff is challenged with valuing sales, new construction, and expanding subdivisions. I have the experience, judgment, and integrity that are crucial for establishing fair market values for tax bills that generate the revenue to support your government services.

Regarding Clerk-Recorder and Election duties I will uphold privacy laws, ensure licenses and certificates are issued promptly, conduct elections according to law, and protect property ownership documents. Protection of your voting rights, property records and the personal integrity to take a stand when necessary is extremely important to me.

I will serve as an advocate for the critical role of elections in our democracy. I am committed to ensure voters have equal access to voting, confidence in the system and vote with the knowledge that every vote will be counted accurately. I would like to implement the Voter’s Choice Act in the next election in Yolo County to increase voter participation making it easier to vote for all eligible voters.

I will make improving the customer service experience of the public a top priority. Since combining the Assessor with the Clerk-Recorder and Elections office in January of 2015, the service counters have remained separate so that citizens must travel to a different floor to conduct business at each of the three front counters. By providing one service counter, efficiency will increase, costs will decrease and customer service delivery will increase.

I promise to be transparent, held accountable, have an open door policy, treat you with respect and ensure my employees do the same. I am honored to work for you and respectfully ask for your vote.

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/s/ David Schwenger