Sample Ballot for June 5, 2018 Election




Yolo County faces a new set of challenges and opportunities in the next four years. We need creative and responsible solutions to a homeless problem that is unfair to residents and those living it. We face long- term financial issues that threaten the ability of local government to provide basic services and maintain the cultural gems that are unique to Yolo County. We need solutions that will give our young people a path to homeownership so we don’t create a talent vacuum.

We can and must make the investments of time and money to create a Yolo County that we can be proud to pass along to our children. I’m running because I have the experience and drive to make the tough decisions, coupled with the willingness to listen to those who don’t always have a voice. I’m running because I believe voters deserve a choice at election time – that our local elected officials shouldn’t go unchallenged. I’m running because I believe it’s time to bring a woman’s voice and perspective back to the Yolo County Board of Supervisors.

I’m a mother who raised three children here and a grandmother who wants more opportunities for my grandchildren – and I’ve always been willing to put my time in support of my convictions. I’ve been a classroom teacher and a small business owner, opportunities that have helped give me perspective along the way.

I served three terms on the Woodland School Board, and stepped up to fill a vacancy on the Yolo County Board of Education. I’ve served on the boards of many community nonprofits, from the Woodland Opera House, Woodland Swim Team and Cache Creek Conservancy, to the Woodland Library Board, League of Women Voters and the Yolo Community Foundation – where I currently serve as President. I’m a past president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association and UC Davis Foundation, because I recognize the value UC Davis continues to bring to our region.

What I’ve learned as a mother, grandmother, teacher, school board member and committed community volunteer is that we can solve problems more effectively when we’re willing to listen to all voices, and willing to truly find solutions.

I’d be honored to earn your vote. Learn more at, or call me at home at (530) 666-0154.

/s/ Meg Stallard