2022 EAP Public Hearing Agenda

The public hearing will be held on Zoom and can be accessed virtually or telephonically. The hearing is an opportunity to contribute to the Draft Election Administration Plan prior to an amendment and further public review, adoption, and submission to the California Secretary of State.

1. Introductions

a. Yolo County Elections Office Staff
b. Meeting Structure

2. Goals of the Meeting

3. What is the Voter’s Choice Act (VCA) and the Yolo County Election Administration Plan (EAP)

4. Walk through the EAP

a. Overview of In-person Voting Options and Vote-by-Mail
b. Voter Education and Outreach Plan
c. Relevant Appendices

5. Open Forum/Public Comment/Reading of Written Public Comment

6. Closure

Zoom instructions, agenda, and COVID-19 Update in PDF.