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Elected Officials: National, State and Yolo



Donald Trump 1/2017-1/2021
U.S. Senator
Dianne Feinstein 1/2019-1/2025
Kamala Harris 1/2017-1/2023
U.S. Congressional, 3rd District
John Garamendi 1/2019-1/2021
U.S. Congressional, 6th District
Doris Matsui 1/2019-1/2021
Attorney General
Xavier Becerra 1/2019-1/2023
Gavin Newsom 1/2019-1/2023
Lieutenant Governor
Eleni Kounalakis 1/2019-1/2023
Member of State Assembly, 4th District
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry 1/2019-1/2021
Member of State Assembly, 7th District
Kevin McCarty 1/2019-1/2021
Secretary of State
Alex Padilla 1/2019-1/2023
State Board of Equalization, 2nd District
Malia Cohen 1/2019-1/2023
State Controller
Betty Yee 1/2019-1/2023
State Insurance Commissioner
Ricardo Lara 1/2019-1/2023
State Senator, 3rd District
Bill Dodd 1/2017-1/2021
State Senator, 6th District
Richard Pan 1/2019-1/2023
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Tony Thurmond 1/2019-1/2023
State Treasurer
Fiona Ma 1/2019-1/2023
Superior Court Judge
Janene Beronio 1/2015-1/2021
Sonio Cortes 1/2019-1/2025
Tom M. Dyer 1/2017-1/2023
Timothy L. Fall 1/2015-1/2021
Daniel Maguire 1/2019-1/2025
Samuel K. McAdam 1/2017-1/2023
David Reed 1/2019-1/2025
Paul K. Richardson 1/2017-1/2023
Dave Rosenburg 1/2019-1/2025
Vacant -
Peter M. Williams 1/2015-1/2021
Yolo County Supervisor 1st District
Oscar Villegas 1/2017-1/2021
Yolo County Supervisor 2nd District
Don Saylor 1/2019-1/2023
Yolo County Supervisor 3rd District
Gary Sandy 1/2019-1/2023
Yolo County Supervisor 4th District
Jim Provenza 1/2017-1/2021
Yolo County Supervisor 5th District
Duane Chamberlain 1/2017-1/2021
Yolo County Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Registrar of Voters
Jesse Salinas 1/2019-1/2023
Yolo County District Attorney
Jeff Reisig 1/2019-1/2023
Yolo County Sheriff-Coroner
Tom Lopez 1/2019-1/2023
Yolo County Superintendent of Schools
Garth Lewis 1/2019-1/2023
County Board of Ed-Trustee Area 1
Matt Taylor 11/2018-11/2022
County Board of Ed-Trustee Area 2
Melissa Moreno 11/2018-11/2022
County Board of Ed-Trustee Area 3
Cirenio Rodriguez 11/2016-11/2020
County Board of Ed-Trustee Area 4
Shelton B Yip 11/2016-11/2020
County Board of Ed-Trustee Area 5
Carol Souza Cole 11/2018-11/2022