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Elected Officials: West Sacramento City and Schools



City of West Sacramento Council Member
Martha Guerrero 11/2018-11/2022
Christopher Ledesma 11/2018-11/2022
Quirina Orozco 11/2016-11/2020
Beverly Sandeen 11/2016-11/2020
City of West Sacramento Mayor
Christopher Cabaldon 11/2018-11/2020
Washington Unified School District- Trustee At Large
Norma Alcala 12/2018-12/2022
Preston Jackson 12/2018-12/2020
Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez 12/2018-12/2022
Coby Pizzotti 12/2016-12/2020
Jackie Thu-Huong Wong 12/2016-12/2020