June 7, 2022, Statewide Direct Primary Election Update – Randomized Alphabet Drawing Results

Friday, March 18, 2022

In accordance with Elections Code section 13112, the Yolo County Elections Office and the Secretary of State each conducted a random drawing on March 17, 2022 of the letters of the alphabet to determine the order of appearance of candidates’ names on the ballot for the upcoming June 7, 2022, Statewide Direct Primary Election.  Listed below are the official results for the local and state alphabet drawings.

This randomized alphabet applies to the candidate's name, last name first, followed, if necessary, by first name, then middle name. If more than one candidate's last name begins with the same letter, proceed to the second letter and, if needed, the third, etc. We follow this process until a different letter appears allowing us to determine who appears first on the ballot. For example, if two candidates with the last names Campbell and Carlson are running for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters "M" and "R" were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

Yolo County Randomized Alphabet Draw for:

  • State Senate
  • State Assembly

Results available here: https://www.yoloelections.org/candidate-services/randomized-alphabet-drawing-results-for-the-jun-2022-statewide-direct-primary-election

1. T

7. Q

13. W

19. X

25. D

2. E

8. H

14. L

20. Y

26. O

3. G

9. N

15. Z

21. V


4. P

10. U

16. M

22. J


5. S

11. R

17. B

23. K


6. Y

12. A

18. F

24. C


To further ensure fairness in our election process, per Election Code section 13111, the Yolo County Elections Office rotates the ballot order of candidates in State Senate and State Assembly contests by County Supervisorial District. For example, a State Assembly candidate appearing first on the list of candidate names on ballots issued to voters living in the 1st Supervisorial District will be last on the list for the voters living in the 2nd supervisorial district. Names move up the list so that a candidate appearing fifth in the alphabet sequence will be at the top of the list of candidates for that office in the 5th Supervisorial District.

Secretary of State Randomized Alphabet Draw for:

  • Statewide Contests*
  • United States Representative in Congress and State Board of Equalization**
  • County offices***
  • City offices, School and Special District offices

Results available here: https://elections.cdn.sos.ca.gov/ccrov/2022/march/22050wk.pdf 

1. S

7. G

13. B

19. V

25. T

2. P

8. R

14. A

20. O

26. M

3. H

9. Z

15. N

21. Y


4. U

10. L

16. E

22. W


5. C

11. X

17. D

23. J


6. F

12. K

18. Q

24. I


To further ensure fairness in our election process, per Election Code section 13111, the candidate names not only appear in the “new” randomly drawn alphabet order, but the candidate name at the top of list is rotated so that no candidate is always the first one.

*For statewide contests such as Governor and United States Senator, names of candidates are rotated based on State Assembly District. The candidates are first listed in the order based on the random alphabet drawing, but the sequence of the names listed on the ballot depends on the voter’s Assembly District. However, please note that after the 2021 Redistricting from the 2020 Census, all of Yolo County is now located in one Assembly district, the 4th Assembly District so the above rotation for statewide contest does not apply.

** For United States Representatives in Congress and State Board of Equalization, the rotation of the names of candidates is based on the Assembly Districts that are contained within the Congressional District and Board of Equalization District.

*** For County offices, although the state’s random alphabet drawing sets the order of the candidate names listed on the ballot, the sequence of the names rotates based on County Supervisorial District.  School Districts and City offices use the State Randomized Alphabet.

You can contact the Yolo County Elections Office by email at [email protected] or by phone at (530) 666-8133 or our toll-free voter assistance hotline (800) 649-9943 if you have any questions. We encourage Yolo County residents to connect with Yolo County ACE – Assessor/Clerk-Recorder/Elections on Facebook: @YoloACE, Instagram: @YoloCoACE, and Twitter: @YoloCoACE to receive the most up to date information about the upcoming election and live election night results.