Important Update Regarding Elections

October 9, 2020

Yolo County Elections has become aware that of the 115,260 Vote-by-Mail ballots mailed this week, 371 households / 581 registered voters countywide received a ballot containing an incorrect local race or measure.  This error occurred due to a transitioning of data systems, where not all streets were correctly carried over into the appropriate precinct as expected. 

Within hours of confirming a potential error, the Yolo County Elections Office determined the number of impacted voters and households and is implementing a plan to correct the problem.  This plan includes expediting to all impacted voters newly issued precinct ballots and voter information guides along with a letter describing the error.

Below is a summary of the number of households /registered voters along with areas primarily impacted in each jurisdiction:

Yolo County Totals - 581 Voters, 317 Households


Davis - 280 Voters, 178 Households

     Main Areas Affected:

          Covell Commons Condos (193)

           8th and Wake Apartments (59)


Winters - 126 Voters, 57 Households

    Main Areas Affected:

        Kennedy Drive

        Ireland Street

        Potter Street

        Niemann Street


West Sacramento - 60 Voters, 29 Households

    Main Areas Affected:

        Westlake Drive

        Cummins Way



Woodland - 115 Voters, 53 Households

    Main Areas Affected:

        House Drive

        Bourn Drive

        Burns Way

        McKinley Avenue

        West Street


Unique to Davis, 90% of the registered voters impacted live in the Covell Commons Condos and the 8th and Wake Apartment complex.  Efforts are underway to directly contact the property management entities associated with these properties.

Any voter contacted by our office who received a ballot with incorrect contests should discard that ballot and fill out and return the new one.  If a voter already filled out and mailed back their originally received ballot, we will cancel that ballot once the new one is received.  This will ensure that no voter is able to vote twice.  Any voter who has a question about their ballot or believes they’ve received something in error may call the Yolo County Elections Office at (530) 666-8133.

“We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are working diligently to resolve this issue,” says Jesse Salinas, Yolo County Registrar of Voters.

* * *