Assembly 7th District

Assembly 7th District; November 4, 2014

Yolo Elections Office: November 4, 2014: Assembly 7th District

November 4, 2014
Assembly 7th District
Yolo County Returns Only

Last updated: Nov. 12, 2014, 12:22 pm
Final, Official Returns
17 of 17 Precincts Reported (100.0%)

Assembly 7th District
Kevin Mccarty4,82559.2%
Steve Cohn3,32340.8%

Precinct Breakdowns
("R" marks reporting precincts.)

Assembly 7th District
Precinct MccartyCohn
1R West Sac258226
2R West Sac172122
3R West Sac316152
4R West Sac168121
5R West Sac190140
6R West Sac463323
7R West Sac311168
8R West Sac533444
9R West Sac388268
10R West Sac270198
Precinct MccartyCohn
11R West Sac358228
12R West Sac501314
13R West Sac317204
14R West Sac150121
15R West Sac168111
16R West Sac252176
Totals 4,8253,323

"R" next to a precinct number indicates polling-place results returned. "M" indicates a mail precinct.

Turnout: 9,559 of 22,800 Registered Voters (41.9%)