Winters JUSD, Governing Board Member

Winters Joint Unified School District; November 8, 2005

Last updated: Nov. 17, 2005, 04:16 PM - Final Returns
7 of 7 Precincts Reported (100.0%)

Winters JUSD, Governing Board Member
Three Elected
Robert R. Nickelson99826.3
Mary Jo Rodolfa*98025.8
Jay Shepherd*93524.6
Russ Lester*87823.1

Russ Lester

Precinct Breakdown

Robert R. Nickelson

Precinct Breakdown

Mary Jo Rodolfa

Precinct Breakdown

Jay Shepherd

Precinct Breakdown

These maps indicate how a candidate fared in each precinct compared to other candidates. A precinct colored in blue, for example, indicates the candidate received the most votes in the precinct. Red indicates a candidate received the second-most votes.

Winters JUSD, Governing Board Member
Precinct ShepherdRodolfaNickelsonLester
98 48526036
99 9395101101
100 233236210203
101 227242285215
102 118122116108
103 212229222208
Totals 935980998878
A=Absentee Returns Only, M=Mail Precinct

Precinct Numbers

Turnout: 1,915 of 3,563 Registered Voters (53.7%)