Turnout by District

Yolo County; November 8, 2005

Last updated: Nov. 17, 2005, 04:16 PM - Final Returns

County-Wide Totals91,027
Accum Registration91,027100.0
Number Of Precincts144
Precincts Reported144100.0
Absentee Turnout22,28924.4
Polls Turnout28,33831.1
Combined Turnout ->50,62755.6
County Board of Ed Districts
Co Board Of Ed Area 218,548
Accum Registration18,548100.0
Number Of Precincts25
Precincts Reported25100.0
Absentee Turnout4,37723.5
Polls Turnout6,17533.2
Combined Turnout ->10,55256.8
Co Board Of Ed Area 515,253
Accum Registration15,253100.0
Number Of Precincts42
Precincts Reported42100.0
Absentee Turnout3,42422.4
Polls Turnout4,91332.2
Combined Turnout ->8,33754.6
School Districts
Davis JUSD40,288
Accum Registration40,288100.0
Number Of Precincts55
Precincts Reported55100.0
Absentee Turnout10,36125.7
Polls Turnout13,78634.2
Combined Turnout ->24,14759.9
Esparto USD2,264
Accum Registration2,264100.0
Number Of Precincts7
Precincts Reported7100.0
Absentee Turnout47721.0
Polls Turnout89139.3
Combined Turnout ->1,36860.4
Winters JUSD3,563
Accum Registration3,563100.0
Number Of Precincts7
Precincts Reported7100.0
Absentee Turnout82423.1
Polls Turnout1,09130.6
Combined Turnout ->1,91553.7
Woodland JUSD25,635
Accum Registration25,635100.0
Number Of Precincts51
Precincts Reported51100.0
Absentee Turnout6,26624.4
Polls Turnout7,25228.2
Combined Turnout ->13,51852.7
City Of Davis36,658
Accum Registration36,658100.0
Number Of Precincts43
Precincts Reported43100.0
Absentee Turnout9,67426.3
Polls Turnout12,61134.4
Combined Turnout ->22,28560.7
City Of West Sacramento17,967
Accum Registration17,967100.0
Number Of Precincts20
Precincts Reported20100.0
Absentee Turnout4,01522.3
Polls Turnout4,84626.9
Combined Turnout ->8,86149.3
City Of Winters3,031
Accum Registration3,031100.0
Number Of Precincts4
Precincts Reported4100.0
Absentee Turnout66922.0
Polls Turnout92930.6
Combined Turnout ->1,59852.7
City Of Woodland23,105
Accum Registration23,105100.0
Number Of Precincts32
Precincts Reported32100.0
Absentee Turnout5,75824.9
Polls Turnout6,28027.1
Combined Turnout ->12,03852.1
Unincorporated Area10,266
Accum Registration10,266100.0
Number Of Precincts45
Precincts Reported45100.0
Absentee Turnout2,16021.0
Polls Turnout3,67535.7
Combined Turnout ->5,83556.8
Yolo Supervisorial Districts
1st Supervisorial Dist18,719
Accum Registration18,719100.0
Number Of Precincts24
Precincts Reported24100.0
Absentee Turnout4,21222.5
Polls Turnout5,14427.4
Combined Turnout ->9,35649.9
2nd Supervisorial Dist18,323
Accum Registration18,323100.0
Number Of Precincts26
Precincts Reported26100.0
Absentee Turnout4,15722.6
Polls Turnout6,02632.8
Combined Turnout ->10,18355.5
3rd Supervisorial Dist15,536
Accum Registration15,536100.0
Number Of Precincts27
Precincts Reported27100.0
Absentee Turnout3,66523.5
Polls Turnout4,18626.9
Combined Turnout ->7,85150.5
4th Supervisorial Dist21,666
Accum Registration21,666100.0
Number Of Precincts29
Precincts Reported29100.0
Absentee Turnout6,20428.6
Polls Turnout7,55034.8
Combined Turnout ->13,75463.4
5th Supervisorial Dist16,783
Accum Registration16,783100.0
Number Of Precincts38
Precincts Reported38100.0
Absentee Turnout4,05124.1
Polls Turnout5,43232.3
Combined Turnout ->9,48356.5