Randomized Alphabet Drawing Results for the August 31, 2021 All-Mail Ballot Special Municipal Election

Random Alphabet Draw to determine appearance of candidates’ names on the ballot.

In accordance with Elections Code section 13112, the Secretary of State conducted a random drawing on June 10, 2021 of the letters of the alphabet to determine the order of appearance of candidates’ names on the ballot for the upcoming August 31, 2021 All-Mail Ballot Special Municipal Election.  Listed below are the official results for the state alphabet drawing.

This randomized alphabet applies to the candidate's name, last name first, followed, if necessary, by first name, then middle name. If more than one candidate's last name begins with the same letter, proceed to the second letter and, if needed, the third, etc. We follow this process until a different letter appears allowing us to determine who appears first on the ballot. For example, if two candidates with the last names Campbell and Carlson are running for the same office, their order on the ballot will depend on the order in which the letters "M" and "R" were drawn in the randomized alphabet drawing.

Secretary of State Random Alphabet Draw for:

  • County offices, School Districts & City offices***

1.  S

7.  D

13. I

19. K

25. W

2.  T

8.  Q

14. F

20. M

26. A

3.  J

9.  Y

15. N

21. U


4.  P

10. V

16. O

22. B


5.  H

11. E

17. R

23. C


6.  G

12. X

18. Z

24. L

***County offices, School Districts and City offices use the State Randomized Alphabet. To further ensure fairness in our election process, per Election Code section 13111, the Yolo County Elections Office rotates the ballot order of candidates by supervisorial district.

You can contact the Elections Office at (530) 666-8133 or [email protected] if you have any questions.



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