eCampaign Electronic Filing

eCampaign Electronic Filing for FPPC Campaign Financial Disclosure Forms

Yolo County is pleased to offer electronic filing for FPPC campaign financial disclosure forms. eCampaign™ is your online solution to tracking campaign finances and electronically submitting FPPC Forms to your Filing Officer. You can file your Campaign Statements electronically, 24/7, in the privacy of your own secured filing area.

This free online service is available to any Committee, Candidate, or Officeholder that is required to file Campaign Disclosure Statements with the Yolo County Registrar of Voters. Contact [email protected] to set up an eCampaign account. If you already have an account, login at the eCampaign portal to start tracking and filing.

About the System

eCampaign™ is very self-sufficient! What this means for you, as a Filer, is no more guess-work regarding information placement, reporting rules, or knowing which forms you have to file!

If you are a Committee, this makes your filing process VERY simple. All you need to do is review/enter information about your Committee and begin entering your transactions - and the system will do the rest for you! Depending on the transactions you enter (date of transaction, relation to election, etc.), the system will automatically prompt you with the correct forms to file (aside from 410 Amendments and Termination Statements). If you need additional help regarding the electronically available forms and how the system generates these forms, you will find a document in the Help Guides menu located at the bottom of the Navigation Pane titled “Available Forms and How to Find Them.”

Getting Started and Help Guides

Via the Help Guides menu located at the bottom of the Navigation Pane, you will find a 3-5 step “Getting Started Guide” that will help you get up and running in the system, as well as additional Guides and Documentation to better facilitate your transition into electronic filing.

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your electronic filing experience!