Offices Up For Election in the March 3rd, 2020 Primary




Representative in Congress, 3rd District

John Garamendi

Representative in Congress, 6th District

Doris Matsui

State Legislative

Member of State Assembly – 4th District

Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Member of State Assembly – 7th District

Kevin McCarty



State Senator- 3rd District

Bill Dodd



Superior Court Judge - Department 4

Tom M. Dyer

Superior Court Judge – Department 8

Peter M. Williams

Superior Court Judge – Department 10

Janene Beronio

Superior Court Judge – Department 11

Timothy L. Fall



County Supervisor, 1st District

Oscar Villegas

County Supervisor, 4th District

Jim Provenza

County Supervisor, 5th District

Duane Chamberlain


Democartic Party Central Committee, 1st Supervisorial District

Vote for 4

Democartic Party Central Committee, 2nd Supervisorial District

Vote for 5

Democartic Party Central Committee, 3rd Supervisorial District

Vote for 4

Democartic Party Central Committee, 4th Supervisorial District

Vote for 6

Democartic Party Central Committee, 5th Supervisorial District

Vote for 3

Green Party County Council

Vote for 7

Peace and Freedom Party Central Committee

Vote for 7

Republican Party Central Committee, 1st Supervisorial District

Vote for 5

Republican Party Central Committee, 2nd Supervisorial District

Vote for 3

Republican Party Central Committee, 3rd Supervisorial District

Vote for 6

Republican Party Central Committee, 4th Supervisorial District

Vote for 4

Republican Party Central Committee, 5th Supervisorial District

Vote for 5


Sacramento County Board of Education - Trustee Area 6

Heather Davis



Winters City Council

Member, City Council

Bill Biasi

Member, City Council

Jesse Loren