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Vote By Mail Ballot Status

You may check to see whether or not your vote-by-mail ballot has been returned to the Elections Office in one of two ways:
  1. Provide your exact last name (first name or initial is optional, but recommended) and either your five-digit Zip Code or Consolidated Precinct Number; or
  2. Provide your six digit Vote-By-Mail number.
Information is updated at 6pm each weekday.

Ballots returned to drop off sites are only processed once a week, on Monday.
See Returning Your Voted Mail Ballot for options for returning your ballot.

First several characters required
  - AND -
Five Digits
  - OR -
For example, 100001

Six Digit Number
The VBM ID is a six digit number found on the envelope you received with your ballot. It is the six digits having the heading AV ID: make a note of these numbers to track your ballot.

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